Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tuesday, 2 October

Today we were heading for Texas. We didn't make it.

About half an hour out of Santa Fe, we got a flat tire. We had pulled over to take a picture; when we were ready to leave there was a low tire warning on the instruments. Gene got out and walked around. The right rear tire was flat. Since we were on a hill, he drove slowly down the shoulder until we were on more or less level ground. Then he called Roadside Assistance.

About an hour and three-quarters later, after a visit from a state trooper, help arrived. (Some adventures are more boring than others.)

It turns out that the hardest thing about changing a tire on a Sprinter is getting the spare out. After some time banging on things and jacking up the side of the van, the tire was retrieved. After that, mounting it on the wheel was a piece of cake. It turns out that the spare (which is a steel wheel, the rest are alloy) requires special lug bolts (which are in the standard tool kit).

Looking at the flat tire, we found a hole in the tread. It looked like it could be repaired until the service guy found a soft spot in the sidewall. Apparently driving on the tire, even slowly, damaged the side wall so that the tire will have to be replaced (which really means two tires will have to be replaced).

Two hours and 45 minutes after calling for help, we were on our way. This part of New Mexico is hilly (or low mountains). The scenery is very pleasant.

When we got back to Interstate 40, we were back on the flats (the Great Plains?). A marker sign said that this is some of the flattest land in the country. Not very scenic.

We checked in to a KOA in Tucumcari, expecting to see NCIS. Jean turned on the TV a few minutes before 7:00 to find the channel and saw the last few minutes of it. It seems it plays at 6:00 in Mountain Time. Grrrr! At least we got to see NCIS-LA.

Tomorrow we drive to Amarillo and buy a couple of tires.

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  1. Just glad you just went flat and no blow out!! Sad it took so much extra time. Glas you are back on the road again and running smooth! Safe travels!!!