Monday, February 15, 2016

First weekend in Florida

Saturday, 13 February

Jean and family head off to the beach, while I stay and get some chores done. First I wrote the blog, catching up with our trip down (posted). Then I spent some time working on the screen that covers the sliding door (our main entry). I hope this works out better. If so, on hot days (next summer) we can have the rear double doors open and the sliding door, and everything will be covered with screens.
Then I walked to the nearby Publix for some shopping. I found myself alongside a Sandhill Crane going the same way. I took some pictures with the phone, and then watched as it casually wandered out into traffic. It took a stately stroll across two busy streets, then continued on down the bicycle lane, squawking loudly. I don’t know what it had to complain about, everyone was giving it plenty of room.

Sunday, 14 February
Today we all took a trip to Peanut Island. This is a spoil Island south of West Palm. The outer edge of the island is a nice park, complete with tent sites. The center of the island is an active spoil dump (and they are currently pumping dredge fill there). We walked most of the way around the island, about a mile or so. Looking offshore, among the anchored boats, there were a number of what I called “party platforms.” These are basic pontoon boats equipped with a thatched roof. 

There were also a couple of shanty boats, including one that was set up as a floating hot dog and hamburger stand.

On the other side of the island from where we got off the ferry, we walked out on a boardwalk that crossed an inlet. There we saw a large manatee grazing on the mangrove. This is the best sighting we have had yet.

Back on the mainland, we went to Duffy’s Sports Bar for a Valentine’s dinner. To our surprise, they had Wienerschnitzel and spaetzle, so we had some. Never can tell what you will find in Florida.
It was after dark when we got back. I hooked up electricity; especially after discovering I had accidently switched the fridge to battery and ran the new batteries down way too far. We will have to wait and see if I damaged them. Keep tuned.

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