Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Monday, 25 February:

First thing in the morning we topped off the diesel tank (the Hess next to the Cracker Barrel had a good price) and headed to Leisure Time. This is the RV dealer where we bought the Roadtrek, and who has done most of the work on it. They are good people, and we trust them.

My plan was to have their service people take a look at the problem. Then they could order any parts that might be needed while we visit Jean's son's family in Palm City. Then we would stop on the way home to have the work done.

Since we got there shortly after they opened, they were able to pull the van in and look at it fairly soon. So we looked at what was new in the showroom and chatted with one of their sales people (the woman who sold us the motorhome in the first place) while the head mechanic looked at the problem. Three hours later we got the diagnosis.

The step has been damaged by being struck by something. We could not remember striking anything, but the evidence is there. The step gradually got slower and slower, which Gene thought was due to the cold. Then the last couple of days in the warm Florida weather, it stopped working altogether.

It turns out they needed to order the entire step system --- from Canada. So we headed on down to Palm City while they worked out the details.

We got down to Palm City about 3:00pm. Gene called the insurance and began the claim process. But mostly we went in and talked (and ate Anna's delicious chicken and black bean chili) until late at night.

 Tuesday, Jean and Anna and I went to Blowing Rock beach on Jupiter Island. Even though the temperature was in the middle 80's, there were very few people on the beach.

The tide was too low for any blowing action, so we just walked on the beach and collected some shells. Jean and Gene then came back on the wet sand near the water. Jean took off her shoes and splashed a little in the water, which was warmer than she expected.

After we saw the beach and were driving around, Gene got a couple of calls from the insurance company and gave them the required information. We haven't heard whether they will cover the cost yet, but we hope so, since the estimate is for $2,600.

After a good lunch at Tiajuana Flats, we went back to the ranch and talked again into the small hours

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