Thursday, February 28, 2013

Wednesday & Thursday

Wednesday: Nothing much happening. The day was cooler and overcast. Gene walked to Publix and bought a couple of things for the motorhome. Jean and Anna (Jean's daughter-in-law) ran a couple of errands. But mostly we hung out and read or chatted.

Thursday: Started out the same, but the clouds cleared away and the day warmed up. After making a trip to Walmart to stock up, we went to downtown Stuart and spent some time at a new park there.

The street the park is located on is lined with Silver Trumpet trees. They were just beginning to bloom with beautiful, yellow flowers. In a little while the whole street will be lined with yellow.

 It is a beautiful park, with lots of palm trees, and plantings, and a pond next to a banyan tree. The water in the pond is an interesting green color, but no one knew why. Perhaps mosquito control chemicals was suggested.

 Near the banyan tree there is a fountain in the pond. The water falls back in a perfect circle.

There were lots of little minnows in the pond, and a Little Blue Heron that seemed to be getting his share of them. We think he caught a small frog, too, but we couldn't be sure.

When we left Virginia last weekend, Gene discovered that he had forgotten to pack an important piece for his CPAP. We called back home and had Amanda (Jean's daughter) ship it to where we were going in Palm City. She shipped it on Monday, Two Day Air. It was promised to be here by Wednesday afternoon.

Wednesday, there was no package. Today the same. Jean called UPS (Unreliable Package System) several times after we got back to the house. Finally, at about 6:30 it arrived. Now we only need to hear back from the insurance people. What a way to have a vacation.

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