Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Another day in paradise

Easy morning, then off to the beach about 11:00. It is an absolutely beautiful day, just perfect for the beach. Apparently everyone else had the same idea. After trying several favorite beaches and finding no parking, we finally ended up at Stuart beach, where there is plenty of parking. They need it. The beach looked like Coney Island.

We plunked down our chairs and settled into our usual beach activities: Gene scanned the horizon looking for boats, Anna scanned the water looking for marine life, and Jean checked us both out and also took a walk looking for shells. A relaxing time was had by all.

In early afternoon we broke camp and headed out to pick up Anna's daughter Hannah from work. Along the way we picked up hamburgers for everyone, which we ate in the salon parking lot. Then it was off to Locksahatchee to a sort of mini-zoo associated with a wildlife rescue center. We spent a couple of hours looking at the various examples of wildlife found in southern Florida.
Ranger with barn owl

There are even some crocodiles in Florida

The area itself has quite a bit of swamp in it.

The seabird area included three brown-footed boobies, which I always associate with the South Seas. I guess there are a few in tropical areas of North America as well.
Who knew?

So today we were exposed to much of the local wildlife, from beach-lovers to boobies. Tomorrow we venture into the Everglades. Keep tuned.

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