Monday, February 16, 2015

Relaxing in Florida

It is now Monday night and I'm back on schedule. After breakfast, Jean and Anna (her daughter-in-law) went to the beach while I filed the previous entry, then took a nap. It was colder than they would have liked for beach weather, but they enjoyed it anyway.

After lunch, we went back to the river to look for manatees. There were a few there but there was more wind than yesterday and the waves reflected the sun so that we couldn't see below the surface. Manatees don't breathe frequently, and when they do they just stick a nose above the surface for a second or so. No manatee pictures today, but walking around the neighborhood there were lots of birds.

Wood stork


These birds were spotted in a short walk around the neighborhood.

There were also the usual ospreys and herons --- ho hum.

Anna also took us to a favorite view of hers:

                                    under a bridge

Basically a quiet day in Florida. While I am writing this blog, Jean is in the motorhome making baklava for the upcoming birthday celebrations (we're bunching them together). Don't know what is planned for tomorrow, but I will let you know --- with pictures.

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