Sunday, March 8, 2015

Home again

We had spent the night at Cracker Barrel parked next to a gaily painted school bus --- which we thought of as the "hippie bus". We never saw any evidence of people in or around it. It was still parked there when we left.

Parked next to the hippie bus
Checking our supply of anti-freeze, which we use to flush the toilet now that we are winterized again, we saw we were about out. No problem, there is a Walmart a little over a mile from where we were parked. So off we went.

On the way we saw that the return was seriously backed up with traffic due to road construction. We found the Walmart, but they were out of anti-freeze. Not wanting to plunge into the traffic back-up, we turned the other way and fumbled our way through the outskirts of Savannah. The unanswerable question was, which traffic was worse, the way we went or the way we avoided? We decided we were probably better off the way we went. We got clear of traffic after about half an hour.

On the way up the interstate we spotted a Camping World at an exit. Guess what? they were out of anti-freeze too! This was looking serious.

We headed up 17 and had a pleasant drive to Walterboro, where we had lunch. There we found another Walmart next to the freeway. Good luck! they had some anti-freeze left. They also had diesel at a good price. By now it was getting a bit late and Florence was still 125 miles away, so it was back onto the interstate.

We made the Cracker Barrel in Florence (an old friend) shortly after dark. We ate supper in the Roadtrek to finish up some of our supplies. Next morning, we had breakfast in the restaurant and checked out the rig to hit the road for the last leg. The weather was sunny and cool but not cold. We had managed to avoid any bad weather on the trip home.

Shortly after pulling onto the highway, we heard a strange, creaky sound from the back of the accomodations. We should have recognized the sound because we had heard it before, but we didn't. A short time later we heard the same sound, followed by a thud. The door had come off the refrigerator! The lower hinge, which I had repaired with epoxy last year, had broken. After working with it for a while, we finally got it back into position and held on with duct tape. Never go anywhere without duct tape.

The rest of the trip home was uneventful. The weather was good and traffic (outside of Greensboro) was light. We stopped for fuel and food at Tightsqueeze, Virginia. (That is not important, I just wanted to be able to use the name.)

We got home about 3:40 and were unloaded by dark.

Trip statistics: Total mileage, 2,706; days away, 22. Now it's time to make reservations on the keys for next February (and hope we are not too late).

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