Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Winding down

I'm sitting in the waiting room at my favorite RV dealer, waiting for some work to be done on the Roadtrek. That work will include re-winterizing since we will be heading back north from here. Now's the time to catch up on the last couple of days.

Leaving Chokoloskee Island, we stopped for breakfast at a Cuban cafe just down the road. Good food! Then we headed north, taking back roads to avoid Naples and the subsequent urban madness for as long as possible. We finally headed back to I-75. Since we didn't have far to go, we swung off to Venice so Jean could have one more day at the beach. Circumstances prevented her from having much beach time this trip.

After about an hour we were back on the road for Seffner (east of Tampa). We were low on everything, so we pulled in to a Publix and went shopping. So far, we have been eating Skillet Meals for supper. They are quick and easy to prepare and require little clean-up. Surprisingly, Publix had no Skillet Meals at all. So we went to a nearby Walmart --- which didn't have any frozen meals of any kind! Empty shelves. So we were all set except for supper.

Jean found us a campground near Seffner and we went out for dinner.  Then backed in and set up after dark. Next day we visited Jean's sister-in-law, Chris. After a while we went out for strawberry shortcake since Seffner is in the heart of strawberry country (there is a Strawberry Festival going on now). Once stuffed with strawberries, Chris took us down to a nearby power station which has a manatee-viewing pier (with associated gift shops, etc.)
Big Bend power plant
There must have been two dozen manatees milling about and partying. They were surprisingly active for manatees (we think this is mating season).

Back to Chris's house for more visiting, including with her daughter, Maria, and granddaughter, Kelsey. Finally, went out to a Greek restaurant on a back alley. A place only the locals know about.  By the time we got back to the campground it was dark again.

When we woke this morning we discovered a pair of downy wookpeckers nesting in a dead tree next to the campsite. 

We pulled out and headed for Winter Garden and Leisure Time RV. Basically back roads all the way to Cleremont, a small down in the lake district that we like. We pulled in and parked by one of the three lakes in the town. After lunch in the rig we strolled along the lake shore and relaxed for a while.

Jean watching a woodpecker in the tree

After Cleremont, the road toward Orlando got wide and busy. We pulled in to Leisure Time just before closing. They ran an electric cable out for us and we settled in. Once the work is done we will really be heading for home. Three days of just laying down the miles.

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