Sunday, August 2, 2015

Last lap

Friday, 31 July

We are poised for the last run to visit Gene's son, Alan. We stopped at Gansevoort, NY, because we had been tasked to pick up an item for Alan in that area. He had asked us to pick up a driver's seat for his car at a junk yard --- excuse me, Auto Parts Recycling Center.

When we got there it turned out to be an amazing place. The customers go in to a building that looks like an auto parts store, with several people at computers. One of the guys looked up the account, issued a receipt and said to wait for 20 minutes. Twenty minutes later he showed up at the Roadtrek carrying a new-looking driver's seat. After telling us how to get to Route 4, we were on our way.

At last a day off the interstate. It was good driving through farm land again, with much less traffic; though there seemed to be more than the usual number of RVs on this route, presumably going to and from Lake George. We got into Vermont in early afternoon, drove into Fair Haven, and stopped at the Wooden Soldier, a small-town cafe we had found the previous year, for lunch.

Fair Haven is a typical New England small town. Quiet, with well-tended lawns, interesting older houses, and churches with tall spires.

A couple of hours on the road took us through rolling hills and neat farms. At one place there was a taco truck open for business out in the middle of a field. We arrived at Alan's place about 4:15, quickly set up, and relaxed on the deck with cold drinks. Into visiting mode for a couple of days.

Temperature was pleasant, so we decided to try dry camping for the night.

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