Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Vermont to Massachusetts

Wednesday 5 August

No Wifi yesterday so it is another two days together. This seems to be the standard for this trip.

Chilly night, we added a blanket in the early morning. Slept in 'til 9:00 here in the deep, dark woods. Gene walked to the entrance and bought another night. After breakfast we drove .3 mile to the Quechee Gorge Visitor's Center. A pleasant hike through the woods and under Rte. 4 bridge took us to a fork in the trail. The trail to the left goes down into the gorge (steep), the trail to the right goes along the rim to the beginning (variable). We went right and shortly came to some stairs to shops on Rte. 4. We bought some water and went back to the trail. An up and down hike of about .4 mile took us to Dewey's Mill Pond dam, the beginning of the gorge.

Gene took some pictures in cloudy conditions and went back to the store. To the right of the store was the Rte. 4 bridge over the gorge, with a sidewalk. We went out on the bridge and took another picture.

 Then we continued on, thinking it was the way back to the Visitor's Center. After a long walk we realized we were going in the wrong direction. Back at the store we looked the other way and could almost see the motorhome!

After this adventure, we drove to the King Arthur Flour complex. It includes a cafe, where we had delicious sandwiches. Next it was back to the Quechee Gorge Village with a store for Cabot Cheese and  several other venues. Jean shopped while I took a nap.

Then one more trip back to White River Junction to pick up a few groceries at the Coop grocery store. Were running back and forth over the same stretch of road like a yo-yo. Finally we drove in to Woodstock (a new stretch of road) to see what it looked like. We found out it has municipal Wifi so I finished up the previous blog entry and posted it. A pleasant walk down town eventually brought us to a restaurant (Maloza Carribean Bistro) where we had supper.

Back at the camp, I talked briefly with a neighbor that was in a black Class B that looked similar to ours. It looked like a Sprinter but was actually built on the new Ford van chassis. It is similar to a Sprinter but is two feet shorter. Several RV builders use the Sprinter chassis (and now the Ford) and  I am always interested in how they arrange things. So far, I still prefer the Roadtrek, and now that I have spent five years modifying and customize ours I am not even interested in the fancy new ones.

Thursday and Friday

Our next goal was to visit Plymouth, MA. Not that we are particularly interested in the town itself, but because an old friend from Jamestown Settlement, Whitt Perry, is now working there. His job is to get the reproduction of the Mayflower II ready for Plymouth's 400th anniversary in 2020. Being in Vermont meant we had a chance to see him and catch up. It also meant a possible guided tour of the ship.

Thursday got us into Massachusetts, within range to make a lunch date on Friday. After a long lunch and visit, Whitt gave us a tour of the maintenance facility and then took us (two miles) to the ship.

A detailed, top to bottom, tour of the ship showed us how the she differs from the ships at Jamestown, even though they are the same period. Basic design and rigging is the same, but layout is different. Mayflower is slightly larger than Susan Constant, and the stern is quite different. It also showed us that he has a lot of work to do to get the ship in top shape in five years. I hope we will be able to check in periodically to watch progress.

After our visit, we were able to get to Connecticut Friday night. After that it was two days of homeward bound, mostly on interstates. We got home on Sunday night to conclude a trip of just under two weeks and just over 2,000 miles. It was a nice trip, now it's back to the old day-to-day.

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