Saturday, September 15, 2012

Friday, 14 September

After our usual late start, we made connections with Gene's friend Marga at a beach next to the Golden Gate Fields racetrack. We walked on the beach for a little, but it was better for driftwood than for glass.

So we repositioned ourselves on the other side of the racetrack. That place isn't really a beach, just a narrow tidal flat with lots of rocks --- and lots of glass. Most of the glass was too new and sharp to be beach glass, but we managed to find a sandwich bag full of worn pieces (with a little pottery and a snail shell).

Having worn ourselves out with that effort we repaired to the Sea Breeze, a food and fruit stand on the road to Berkeley Marina. The women had a delicious clam chowder and a shrimp salad sandwich with lots of whole shrimp. Gene just stuck with a cheeseburger, but it was a good one.

Then we went off to see Alice Waters' first edible school yard. This is an extensive garden on the grounds of a middle school where the children grow the garden (organically) and then harvest the produce, cook it, and eat it for lunch. This idea has been picked up by other schools across the nation; and was also used in the day camp in Virginia that Jean ran for several years. This one is a big operation with a large variety of plants being grown.

After that we took Marga back to her car and she went home while we went down to the marina to see the sunset. We were joined by Bruce, who rode down on his bicycle. Considering that he had to drive down through Berkeley during rush hour, he is a brave man indeed.

 We put his bike in the motorhome and we all drove back to his place, where we talked until late. Before we left, he lit up the lights (flashing and otherwise) on his art car for us to see. It was quite a show, but not bright enough to photograph. What with being caught in heavy traffic due to road work on the way back to Vallejo, we were quite late getting to bed ... again.

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