Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Monday and Tuesday, 24, 25 September

Another two-fer.

Monday Jean and YumYum both got haircuts and Gene hosed the worst of the dust off the motorhome. Then we just laid around and relaxed for most of the rest of the day. As 6:00 we all went down to Burbank where we met Holly's sister, Dori and her husband Steve and daughter Sadie for dinner in an Italian restaurant. We are trying to combine visits since there are a lot of people to see in L.A.

Tuesday we headed back to Santa Barbara to catch up with Gioia and Mark, who we hadn't been able to see the first time through.

Beautiful Santa Barbara

The town is very pleasant and we like it, though we are not as pleased with the oil rigs a couple of miles offshore.

We spent much of the day at the Santa Barbara Mission, called "the queen of the missions." It is still an active, Franciscan church.


We took the self-guided tour, which was very complete.

The sanctuary includes a couple of niches with large statuary.

Afterwards we went to a shopping center where we had lunch, bought a couple of Tony Hillerman books and some groceries. Then we went down to the waterfront until it was time to meet Gioia and Mark. We walked out on a long wharf and spotted a sea lion swimming alongside. One more creature for our list.

After a pleasant dinner and visit, Mark gave us a map he had marked with places where we could park overnight. A most enjoyable day.

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