Saturday, September 15, 2012

Saturday, 15 September

Very late getting away this morning. Mostly because we were doing a lot of laundry, but also because Gene set the clock an hour slow. So we didn't leave for Bruce's house until about ten minutes before we were supposed to be there. Then we ran into a traffic jam about when we got to the exit before the one we usually take. Gene decided to get off there, figuring that San Pablo Ave. would be faster than the backed-up freeway. Another brilliant decision --- the off-ramp was more backed up than the freeway. End result, we got there about an hour late. (Also factor in that there wasn't any parking near his place.)

But we made it and there was Rosie, Gene's granddaughter all grown up since the last time he saw her about ten years ago.

Rosie only had a few hours before she needed to go to San Francisco to work with her mother. We had no firm plans, so after visiting a little while, we all headed off in Bruce's art car. Riding with him was fun, since the car got lots of attention, mostly positive.

We decided to check out the Farmer's Market because they were having a country music contest today. We got there in time to catch the last four groups, so we set up chairs and a blanket on the lawn and enjoyed the show.

Among the pets there was a tortoise, which wandered slowly among the crowd.

After the last contestants, a couple of men entertained the crowd with some clogging while the judges made their deliberations. Looked and sounded like home. After the prizes were awarded, we walked a few blocks (Rosie carried YumYum) downtown to a Mediterranean restaurant with sidewalk seating. The food was very good.

By the time we finished the meal and Bruce fetched the car, it was time to return to his house. After some fond goodbyes, Rosie headed for SF and we went in the house to talk and listen to some music on the computer (You-Tube videos). Bruce found a reservation site for the National Parks on the computer and we were actually able to sign up for a campsite in Yosemite for the next two days. You usually have to reserve those things a few months in advance.

We said our goodbyes to Bruce and headed back to Vallejo, stopping at a bank in Berkeley for Jean to get another infusion of money. Back at the campsite, time to sort the laundry and make the bed. We will need to get away tomorrow sooner than our recent performance.

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  1. I had to catch up on 4 posts. Sent PG the pic with Emily and David via Facebook. Hope he checks his account. Loved the Boat and Bridge shot.