Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Full tourist mode

Today we got into full tourist mode. Checkout time was not 'til 2:00 so we slept in. Then had a leisurely breakfast and did morning chores. Got away about 11:25.

First stop was at a fruit stand where we got some strawberries, a little melon, and a tomato (with thoughts of tomato sandwiches for lunch).

First side trip was to the beach at Hudson. The beach was tiny and there was no free parking, so we pressed on. After looking at the AAA tour guide, we settled on Tarpon Springs. We went down to the Sponge Docks (Tarpon Springs was settled by Greek sponge divers). Getting away from the crowded part, we found on-street parking a couple of blocks away.

Joining the crowds, we looked in shops and listened to the buskers. We were told about a Greek grocery, where Jean was able to buy some mastika for her Christmas tsourekia. Now we know three places in the US where you can find it. Then we went into a restaurant and got really good gyros.

Back at the Roadtrek, Jean took YumYum for a walk while I looked at a really big trawler parked at the end of the street. Here is a bit of the net end.

Jean read that you can sometimes see manatees in this certain bayou, so we drove to the center of town to Craig Park. This is a nice area, with lots of big homes facing an inlet. We walked around (very slowly) with YumYum. A dolphin showed up briefly, but no manatees today. The park has some lovely, old live oaks covered with Spanish moss.

If you look very closely you can see a blue heron waiting for an old guy to toss a cast net for fish. He was very patient but the fisherman wasn't interested.

We headed out about rush hour and drove to the Cracker Barrel in Clearwater. It is right next to the airport, but other than that we found a nice, level parking place. We are still full from gyros, so we will have a light supper and go into the restaurant for breakfast.

What other adventures will await us tomorrow?

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