Thursday, March 6, 2014

Rainy day

The forecast said chance of showers. We got a steady rain starting in the night. Gloomy and rainy with occasional thunder, so we had an easy, laid-back morning. Finally got away about 11:00 and headed down the highway for Sarasota.

In Sarasota we stopped at the Classic Car Museum. Tricky getting into, and tight parking. We spent an hour or so there and found it very interesting (Gene was more interested than Jean). There were lots of cars, from 1908 to the 1990's and later. Some fairly pedestrian and some way out concept cars and sexy racing cars. There was even a drag-liner. There were some exotics even Gene had never heard of. There were two MG-TFs, a car Gene coveted for years. One of the more startling exhibits was an "art motorcycle;" a motorcycle with all sorts of stuff glued, welded, and otherwise attached to it. The driver's seat was a western saddle, and the passenger's an old-fashioned tractor seat. We couldn't take any pictures, so there is nothing to show you, unfortunately.

It was still raining when we got out, so we had a nice lunch of sandwiches made from roadside-stand tomatoes. Then we headed south, and in downtown Sarasota we came upon a lot of sculpture, mostly abstract, but there was this 20-foot copy of a famous photograph taken at the end of WWII. It felt kind of funny taking a picture of a sculpture of a picture. Won't that lead to some sort of feedback?

Luckily the rain had stopped (though the sky wasn't really that blue) and we found convenient parking. While we were there, Gene took a picture of one of the huge, garish hotels we saw from time to time. Not the biggest or most garish, but a representative example.

Then it was off toward Ft. Meyers. The road was longer than expected, and pretty boring. Some parts were like driving through South Dakota.

We parked in the usual Cracker Barrel. The buildings are all exactly alike (even the merchandise) so every night is like deja vu. But you can't beat the price.

The sky appears to be clearing, so we are hopeful for a trip to Sanibel Island tomorrow.

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