Saturday, March 15, 2014

Last day in Palm City

Photos by Anna

Friday, the last day. Jean and Anna did some shopping, then went to the beach to look for shells. Gene got some jobs done around the motorhome and continued to work on his hiking stick. He ran into a problem when he was almost finished, so that will take some considering (probably after he gets home).

When the ladies got to the beach the tide was high and it was windy, so any shells were in the wash. They visited a couple of other places, including an area called House of Refuge.

House of Refuge

The big event of the day was dinner and dancing. Dinner was a pot-luck at Sandy and Anna's church. This was followed by square dancing on the patio. We hadn't square danced in many years and Gene wasn't sure he could keep up. Not to worry. Most of the folks had never square danced and hadn't a clue. We were rock stars by comparison. The caller was very good, with a sense of humor, and got everybody moving to the music.

Everybody on the floor, that is. Most of the people sat and watched the shenanigans on the dance floor. There were still enough brave souls to make up three squares. There was also some line dancing; and two sets for the Virginia Reel, which baffled some of the dancers.

We left a little early since we had a long day tomorrow. It turns out we also had to pick up Hannah and her bicycle from downtown Stuart.

Our goal for Saturday was to drive about 400 miles to Georgia and check in at a campground (that I had gotten a reservation for). There we need to fill the fresh water tank, dump the holding tanks, and hopefully top off the propane before showing up in Perry in the morning to get the Roadtrek weighed and be parked for the humongous motorhome rally.

We are getting close enough to heading home to start worrying about the weather in Virginia.

PS We made it to the campground by daylight and filled the water tank. Things look good so far.

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