Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Last day at the rally

You haven't heard from us because we have been busy. This rally is HUGE! There are about 2,500 motorhomes here and at least twice that many people. It is held at a large fairground and there are acres of parked motorhomes, most of them big Class As. We are in a group of Roadtrek brand, Class B motorhomes --- probably a dozen or more. The whole operation is big, so we did a lot of walking.

It is a very well-done fairground, and rally takes place when the many Bradford Pear trees are in full bloom. Sunnier and warmer it would be a pleasant place.

The main activities are attending seminars (there are about 125) on a wide range of subjects of interest to RV people; visiting the vendors (two buildings full), touring the new coaches being shown by builders and dealers, and just hanging out. There is also entertainment every night. We figured it would be big, but this is overwhelming. So what did we do?

We spent a lot of the time attending seminars. They included: Microwave/convection Cooking, RVing to Newfoundland, Battery Fundamentals, Safer, Simpler /RVing, Use This Not That, Solar Power 101, and on and on.

One night they had square and line dancing. It got started half an hour late because they hadn't set up the sound system. It was fun for a while, but dancing on concrete gets tiring.

It wasn't until late in the week that we had time to visit the vendor booths. However, we made up for lost time by spending like sailors (actually charging like sailors, when sailors ran out of money they had to quit). The rally itself was not all that expensive, but there are a lot of things here to spend your money on --- including vendor food when our small refrigerator began to look a little empty.

The only evening entertainment we attended was a show by Jeanne Robertson. A friend of ours in Williamsburg recommendeds her as a very funny woman. The recommendation was, if anything, understated. I haven't laughed so hard in years.

We arrived in the rain, and it was rainy and cold for 2 1/2 days. Finally yesterday afternoon it cleared up enough for me to set up the portable solar system that I had brought along for the purpose. Since we are dry camping (no power or water) it seemed like a good idea but it didn't get much use. Tonight we are running the generator.

So now we are better educated, have had lots of exercise walking, and spent more than would be prudent. I guess it is time to pack up our little gypsy caravan and head back to winter. (Jean is studying the maps as I write this.) Maybe we can drag some of this better weather with us.

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