Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday, 17 August

We are now on Pacific Time. On our way to Yakima. About the only thing of interest we expected to see is Coeur d'Alene. It took about an hour. We went downtown to see the lake and get a bottle of sand. Once more the parking lots say "No RV's." Once more we ignore the sign and have no problems. We noticed that they seemed to allow cars towing boats.

We walk YumYum around the public park, which is the only place we can legally take him, it would seem. "No dogs on the grass!" "No dogs on the beach!" etc. So after a leisurely stroll around the park, we were back on our way.

We shortly got to the greater Spokane metropolitan area. It seemed to go on forever.

Eastern Washington is mostly flat and dry. We see grain fields (cut at this time); nothing green, no cattle. It looks like South Dakota all over again except for the grain. As we move west we gradually see green fields (irrigated) --- them more and more. We realize that we are approaching the Columbia River.

Lunch was at a small town called Moses Lake. There was no shade and no lake in sight. Eventually we crossed a long, narrow body of water. Along through here there is a 14-mile stretch with crop signs posted on the fence line. A wide variety of crops, from potatoes to timothy.

We run low on diesel and put in to a cross-roads to fill up --- at $4.52 a gallon.

After a while, we came to a deep canyon at the bottom of which was the Columbia River. It seemed amazing that here was a big river with no trees or other greenery growing along it.  Shortly, the road dropped down and crossed the river. A big river! it makes the Mississippi look puny. Going up the other side we climbed a long, steep hill in 100-degree heat and the Mercedes labored and slowed way down. This happened again on three other hills as we approached Yakima.

Finally made it to Jean's cousin's house about 4:45. A very tricky job of parking in front of a rear garage not designed for 22-foot vehicles. We'll spend the weekend visiting' in Yakima, don't know what that may involve.

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