Thursday, August 2, 2012

Thursday, 2 August

Not so much to report today. Yesterday was devoted to trying the interesting stuff around Baraboo. Today it's catch up with chores and position ourselves in a new base camp for the next couple of days.

So we slept in a bit to catch up, and Jean spent the morning doing laundry. Gene caught up on the travel journal (this blog), which took longer than expected because the Mifi battery ran out in the middle and needed to be recharged.

We visited with cousin Juanita for a while, looking at old family pictures and reading family accounts. Then, when we were ready for the road, she led us to a great German meat market. We bought a frozen block of Kupwurst (Kopfwurst?). This is a scrapple-like product (beef and oatmeal rather than pork and corn meal) that Jean has never tasted and Gene hasn't tasted since he was a kid. I l guess tomorrow morning we will see how it works out. Gene has fond memories of how the smell of frying kupwurst would drag him out of bed and down to the kitchen the times he stayed on his aunt and uncle's farm in the summer.

Gene spent much of his childhood in the Baraboo area, so this scene brought back memories:

We rolled out of town in the early afternoon, headed for a campground Gene had stayed at before, just south of La Crosse, WI. On the way we were going to stop in Reedsburg at a Lands End store Jean had heard about. When we finally found the place, she learned that, except for a couple days a year when there are special events for the public, only employees could shop there. Darn!

We crossed the state our favorite way, on one of the "blue highways." This put us right in the middle of Wisconsin farm land and through a lot of small towns. Part of the way we went through a range of hills, but most was quintessential Wisconsin countryside.

We needed a few more supplies, so when we got to La Crosse we asked the GPS to find us a grocery store. It did, but it took us right through the middle of old downtown La Crosse --- at rush hour. Once resupplied, we hurried south to our campground which was quiet and pleasant with a beautiful sunset over water (a backwater of the Mississippi River). A lovely end to a not very exciting day.

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