Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday, 20 August

Our hosts have gone to work and we are laying low, hoping to get well enough to press on to Seattle tomorrow. We fear that we have passed our colds on to our hosts who have been so kind. Hope not.

Today we ran the generator for its two-hour monthly maintenance. We waited until the afternoon when everybody would be off to work so as not to create a disturbance. Gene also removed the venetian blind, cleaned it, and somehow got the strings for raising and lowering it unstuck. That and showers sort of sums up the day's activities. Exciting, huh?

Tomorrow YumYum goes to a groomer first thing in the morning, and then we head across the mountains to someplace not as dry (and hopefully not as hot). More roadie stuff tomorrow, see you then.

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  1. Did Kay quit talking the whole time you were in Yakima?