Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday, 19 August

We're in Yakima, visiting Jean's cousin for a few days, so this will cover the weekend. Since Gene has now come down with a cold, don't know if much of anything will happen tomorrow.

Yesterday, our host took us for a ride around Yakima. We followed the old road through the Yakima River canyon. It seemed easier than the road we took in, which went over three steep hills. Probably go out the same way though, just for simplicities sake.

It being Saturday, there were many tube riders on the river (above the dam, beyond the pix). This is not white-water rafting since there is no white-water. These are people just floating around, having fun. Frequently you would see several tubes lashed together for a floating party.

Yakima is the main hops-growing  region in the country. We saw several fields. They train them on these V-shaped arrangements. The hops are not ripe yet, so we didn't see what the fruit looks like.

Then back into town to a Mexican restaurant. Some of the help in the restaurant came from the same area (Morelia) that Jean lived in for three years so she had some conversations with them. She also gave the food her approval.

As you can see, we are basically laying low, resting and healing. Most of what has happened has been family talk. Ready or not we're off again in a couple of days, so keep tuned.

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