Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday, 6 August

A quiet day in Glenwood, MN. Our hosts, Arnie and Barb, were scheduled to leave today for a trip in their motorhome, but several things came up and they will be here for at least another week. So we stayed over another day.

It was just as well, since Gene needed to get a prescription filled. So Barb took us to downtown Glenwood.

Glenwood is a small town in central Minnesota. Like many small towns, the population is decreasing --- though that doesn't prevent it from having the biggest Chevrolet dealer in Minnesota. Once the prescription was dropped off, we went on a tour of the area.

Glenwood's chief claim to fame is Lake Minnewaska (there is also a smaller lake nearby). This lake is 8 miles by 2 miles and ringed with lake houses and some RV camps and resorts. There is also a large ballroom and adjoining restaurant where we had lunch. The ballroom played host to all of the big bands in the day. It is still used for some dances and things like weddings.

After Arnie got home we got another, different tour. In all, it was an interesting day and we learned a lot about an area we had known little of. Lots of conversation, lots of stories, lots of things to see. But all of a more personal and family nature.

Tomorrow we head out again, in search of adventure and new areas to explore.

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