Friday, March 8, 2013


If this is Friday, it must be Savannah. After breakfast at McDonald's, Jean went in to a nearby hotel for information on Savannah. They gave her good information that let us drive directly to the Visitor Center. There we got RV parking (for a nominal fee), extensive information, and a marked map. With that knowledge, we headed out on foot.

Our first stop was the Ships and the Sea Museum (of course). The first floor had several very large models of ships that had some sort of Savannah connection. They are all the same scale, so we had a direct comparison of size.

One of the models was of the SS Savannah, a very early steam ship. In fact, it was the first steam vessel to cross the Atlantic (albeit mostly under sail). The room also contained a model of a steel-built river steamer from 1835. One hardly ever hears of steel ships before the Monitor and the Virginia (nee Merimac), so that was a surprise.

Outside in the garden, there were many robins and cedar waxwings feeding on holly berries. My they move fast!

Then we walked on down to the river and walked along some of the Riverwalk. We started out at one end with lunch in an outdoor cafe.

Across the street from the cafe was a fountain that featured the SS Savannah. As we watched, a city worker came along and put some green dye into the fountain. They make all the fountains spout green water for St. Patrick's Day, even though it is still over a week away. Lots of Irish in Savannah.

We walked along the waterfront for a while. The mood was festive, and the crowds were enjoying themselves. We didn't do the whole waterfront, but after a while turned back toward where the motorhome was parked.

 Savannah has lots of old buildings mixed in with the modern, but what interested Gene was that there were lots of "squares," or small parks. There are 21 in the old part of town, it seems like every couple of blocks.

The walk back to the Visitor Center got to be pretty long. We certainly got our exercise in today! But we got out of town before rush hour and scooted up the interstate to Florence, SC for the night. Homeward bound.

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