Friday, March 8, 2013


Back in tourist mode. We inquired in Cracker Barrel and learned how to get to the Visitor Information Center (it turns out there are several). We found free parking for the RV, got a map, and walked the three short blocks to the tourist area.

First things (history) first, we went to see the Castillio. This is a four-sided, star-type fort made of coquina, a local stone made of compressed shell. It is pretty good stuff, since the fort sustained 27 days of bombardment with minimal damage, and of the four men killed, three were killed when one of the fort's own guns burst upon firing.

The small tower-like structures on the corners of the bastions are sentry posts. They were originally painted red (the rest of the fort was painted white). There is one tall one, which was a signal tower, exchanging signals from a lookout station on the coast.

There are cannons on display in several sizes, some quite ornate. On Fridays they have firing demonstrations --- not using the old cannons.

 After an exhaustive look (too exhaustive for Jean) at the Castillio, we went through the tourist area, much of which dates back the the 17th and 18th century. It is laid out mostly for walking, and much of it is quite attractive. Only bought some chocolate (of course).

After a few hours, we got on A1A and headed for Jacksonville. Typical Florida oceanside. From J'ville, we jumped back on I-95 and booked for Savannah, arriving at another Cracker Barrel about 8:00. Ate supper in the restaurant, and had time to read a little before turning in.

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