Sunday, March 3, 2013


Most of a week has gone by in Palm City but it was time to bid adieu to Jean's family and head back up the coast. Following our usual habit, we drove up US1 rather than take the interstate. On our way out of the area we noted the prices for diesel were generally $4.09, but we didn't need any. Once we got up the road, away from the cities, the price went to about $4.25. Later, when we started getting low, we managed to find a station that was selling it for $4.15 so we grabbed it. I imagine tomorrow we will find it cheaper again.

We swung down by the beach in Ft. Pierce. The sand in this area is very white.

All along through this area the water was a lovely aquamarine color.We stopped to admire it and spotted what looked like a turtle nest, marked off. Lots of pelicans diving on the other side of the river.

Back on the road, we stopped for some lunch and shopping. While there, we got online and looked for inexpensive places to stop for the night. Not much luck there.

A little later we stopped at another beach. Cold and windy, there were very few people on the beach. Here they had this interesting fiberglass sculpture of a turtle. Thought that was pretty neat.

After finding what looked to be our best bet (in the big book) for parking for the night, we headed back to the beach (that's where the GPS sent us). It said to turn on Jungle Trail, so we did. Guess what? It turned out to be a jungle trail; a narrow dirt road with heavy, wild growth on both sides. We're having a real adventure.

After a while we ended up on A1A, which we could have gotten to by  a more boring route. As we were approaching our next turn, we went by Sebastian Inlet State Park. On a whim we pulled in and asked if they had any camp sites. As luck would have it, they had two. Usually you need to reserve a space in a Florida state park months in advance.

So we are in Sebastian Inlet tonight. After we got set up, we took a walk to look around. The temperature was pretty cold, low 50's (okay you northerners, 50 is cold for Florida) and it was blowing half a gale. There were a couple of kite surfers taking advantage of it out on the sound.

But after a few minutes, we headed back for the warm shelter of the Roadtrek. Took a short nap and had a hot supper. Another day (if somewhat cold) in Paradise.

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