Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Another exciting day. We got up early so that they could take the Roadtrek in at 8:30 to replace the automatic step. So we had half a day or so to cool our heels in the Waiting Area. So we checked our email; Gene looked at a few new Roadtreks and came to the conclusion that he still liked the Love Shack the best; we took a walk through a nearby shopping center and got throughly cold, we read; Gene tried to take a nap. Finally at about 1:30 the job was done and we now have a smoothly-working step.

We swallowed hard, signed the bill, and headed out --- to where? We decided to skip the rest of the trip plans (we had planned to explore the panhandle) and head back to the east coast. So after topping off at the cheapest diesel we had seen in days, we got back on I-4.

Skipping the boring routing details, we ended up in the late afternoon, driving up A1A toward St. Augustine. At the beginning, all the waterfront property was bought up and posted to keep everyone else out ("This is my waterfront, dammit!). But after a while the road ran right along the beach, just behind the dune. There was lots of wild Florida scrub jungle, often on both sides of the road.

Near sunset, we found a place to park and took a short walk down the beach. It was cold, and there was no one else as far as the eye could see. The beach here is long, straight, and fairly flat.

The only other life we saw were some sanderlings busily looking for lunch, and one larger shore bird that we couldn't identify. There were a couple of pelicans resting on the water offshore.

Gene thought a shell lit by the setting sun was interesting, so here it is.

Then we got back on the road, heading for the Cracker Barrel outside St. Augustine. We saw the sign from the interstate, but once we got off the interstate, we could no longer see the sign.  It took a lot of looking to find the tiny road that led to it. We are now parked at the back of the lot with two other RVs, a big Class A with a car in tow, and another Roadtrek (a 190). Looks like cold night ahead.

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