Saturday, March 2, 2013


Still in Palm City. We are staying near the St. Lucie River, with the usual assortment of Florida wildlife. Pelicans are common, along with egrets, and a couple of different kinds of herons. Jean has seen a couple of wood storks.

Today we went to a flea market. a biiiiiiig flea market. It covers the area of a small farm. We saw a fair amount of used stuff, but it seemed to be mostly vendors. There was a lot of blister-packed merchandise.

Vendors ran the full gamut. There were lots of places to buy golf equipment and supplies, also cell phone accessories, kitchen stuff, etc. There was even a barber shop.

Perhaps the ultimate for a flea market was this new car.

We spent several hours there, and had lunch at the outdoor food court. Then we went to Walmart and got another case of water for the motorhome. We are still winterized because in another week we expect to be back in the frigid north for the remainder of the winter.

After our adventures in capitalism, we went back to the ranch and Jean did the laundry (a once-a-week chore) while Gene (the captain) took a nap to sleep off the exertions of flea-marketing.

Life on the road is so tough.

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