Thursday, October 10, 2013

10 October 2013

No pictures today. It is strictly a travel day and has heavy overcast. Eventually, it turned to off-and-on rain. We stopped at Target to pick up some supplies (which we may not need), and then jumped right on the interstate.

We are basically following the blue line; that is retracing our route north, which is shown on the GPS as a blue line. Seeing all the same stuff, but in reverse order.

Stopped for sandwiches and chips at the Pennsylvania Welcome Center, where Jean walked YumYum and Gene got a new map. Exciting stuff. Didn't know how far we would get today, but it turned out to be less than we had hoped. From about Harrisburg south we ran into very heavy, stop-and-go traffic. For about 50 miles we averaged 10-15 MPH. Finally dragged in to the Cracker Barrel in Carlyle about 6:10.

Ended up in a nice, level parking spot in a corner behind the restaurant. We had dinner in the Roadtrek, we will have breakfast in the restaurant.  Maybe home tomorrow if the traffic gods smile.

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