Saturday, October 12, 2013

11 October 2013

Off and on rain, sometimes heavy, during the night. The weather radio forecast more rain and local flooding.

After a good breakfast in the restaurant, we headed out about 9:30. We ran in occasional rain all through what was left of Pennsylvania, then Maryland and West Virginia. Interstate 81 crosses those two states where they are very narrow. It took a little less than 40 minutes to go from Pennsylvania to Virginia.

Between Winchester and Harrisonburg we ran into heavy rain and fog, giving us some concern about the conditions we might meet on Afton Mountain. However, about Harrisonburg the weather cleared and we occasionally ran on dry pavement. The sky remained overcast and we could see that the mountain tops were in the clouds.

As it turned out, everything was clear when we crossed the Blue Ridge at Afton Mountain. The farther south we drove, the better the conditions became (though the clouds never cleared). We got home about 4:00.

The statistics: We were gone eight days
                       We drove a total of 1,861 miles

All told the trip, which actually consisted of just the Vermont portion of what was originally planned, was a great success --- even including the pump problems. Now we can look forward to the Eastern Shore part that we postponed.

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