Thursday, October 10, 2013

8 October 2013

Jean & YumYum by the lake

 Everyone off to work, but the door was open and Alan had left some donuts on the counter, so that was breakfast. Went through morning chores casually, and Alan came home to wish us farewell (and lock the door) at 11:15

We did a little shopping in Burlington: Lake Champlain Chocolates (of course), TJ Maxx and Home Center for Jean, grocery store for Gene to buy some paper plates and water since the pump is turned off.

Then we headed toward Montpelier --- not on the freeway. Lovely drive through the Vermont countryside.

Partway there, we stopped at a cemetery and made a quick lunch. It was a beautiful day, warm and sunny with the hills a mixture of colorful leaves and pines. A perfect Vermont day.

Driving through Richmond, we spotted a sign for the Round Church. This edifice was built in 1812 and served five denominations as well as being used for Town Meetings for about 160 years.

It was in the center of the town of Richmond until the railroad came through and the town center moved north to the tracks.

In Montpelier we found a parking place for the Roadtrek a couple of blocks from downtown. We walked to a couple of our favorite stores, Rivendell Books and a place that has an amazing collection of bumper stickers as well as old LPs and similar interesting stuff.

About 5:00 we headed out to Bragg Sugar Farm. They are a member of Harvest Hosts (as are we). These are farms and vineyards that provide free parking for member RVs. We had a good, level spot on the hill behind the farm store.

Another day in Paradise.

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