Monday, October 7, 2013

7 October 2013

Monday: The day started overcast and went downhill from there.

The rug under the bed was still wet after we "cured" the problem yesterday. Gene tried looking in a different place and found the problem. The water pump for the plumbing system is leaking. Every time we open a faucet, the pump leaks a little. So we turned off the pump and will have to use bottled water for the rest of the trip. We had been considering dropping the Eastern Shore part of the trip, so that kind of settled the question. We will spend another couple of days in Vermont and then head for Forest (though at a slower pace than the trip up).

Our next job was to get a prescription filled.  This is normally a simple procedure. You take your old bottle to a nearby pharmacy; they contact your home pharmacy, who transfers the prescription; you pick up the new one a short time later. But this was Pradaxa, which sometimes turns into a problem.This was one of those times.

The problem is with the insurance. Besides my regular prescription insurance, I have an additional card from the company that makes Pradaxa that gives me an additional discount. This time there was a total mix-up between the insurance companies. In the long run I got the medicine at no cost, but a warning that I would not be eligible for the additional discount for another year. When I get back home I will take the problem up with my regular pharmacist.

After that we dumped the tanks and went to meet Alan for lunch. Then we drove down to Shelburne Farm Museum, a large outdoor museum just south of Burlington. We decided today was not the best day to go in, due to the lateness of the day and the threatening weather. So we headed for the Vermont Wildflower Farm. There we discovered that they were closed for the winter.

On the way back to town the threatening weather occurred --- torrential rain and strong winds. We passed up the other stores we wanted to go to and went back to Alan's and took a nap.

About the only thing that was worth photographing today was the sunset behind the mountains. Black clouds above a narrow break and then the mountains and a slate-grey lake.

Maybe more to write about tomorrow.

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