Thursday, October 10, 2013

9 October 2013 --- Leif Ericksson Day

The day dawned foggy and cold, but the fog soon burned off and the day became pleasant. After breakfast in the van, we went down to the farm store and bought our maple syrup for the year as well as a couple of other things.

About 11:45 we headed out and went to the Plainfield Co-op (as per Amanda's advice). We needed to get some dog food for YumYum since the container we used didn't hold enough. The Co-op is a true country store in a old building with uneven floors. It is not very big, but contains an amazing variety of stuff, much of it found only in specialty stores. There are a lot of items sold in bulk (bring your own containers) and only a few examples of most packaged things. Besides the dog food, we got cheeses, bread, and some home-made cinnamon buns for breakfast.

Then back to Montpelier for lunch. We found on-street parking right downtown, and had a delicious lunch at the Skinny Pancake, a place that specializes in crepes. We are sorry to report that a chocolate croissant from Le Brioche (bakery for the New England Chef's Institute) was not as good as the ones from Fresh Market.

We decided to head for home, so we got onto Vermont 100 which is a scenic drive through the Green Mountains. The going was slow but the views were great.

In one of the passes, there is a small parking place beside the road and a path with a bridge to a waterfall. The last time we went this way we didn't see the fall until after we passed the parking. This time we were ready for it.

 We had planned on staying at the Walmart in Rutland, but when we got there we read a couple of chancy reviews of it and decided to press on to Bennington. The Walmart there said that they did not own the parking lot, and while they didn't care if we stayed there, we might get chased out by the police. Giving up on Walmarts, we opted for the nearest Cracker Barrel, which is in Clifton Park, NY. Putting the address into the GPS, we headed off into the (very beautiful) sunset. After traversing every conceivable back country road in the pitch-black night we arrived, exhausted at the Cracker Barrel about 7:40 at night. We elected to have supper in the restaurant.

I couldn't catch up on the blog afterwards because my phone battery was dead (and I use it as my portable hot spot). Thus I will need to catch up tomorrow.

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