Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fall 2013 Trip

Sunday, 6 October

This trip actually started on Thursday, the 3rd. The plan was to drive straight to Burlington, VT, to visit Gene's son Alan. Spend some time in Vermont during the fall foliage season, then head to the Eastern Shore (of Maryland and Virginia) for a few days.

So we left Thursday morning and headed to Williamsburg ?! We both needed haircuts and prefer Gene's long-time barber/hairstylist; and what's a 200-mile side trip to serious travelers?

After buying a new leash for YumYum and getting some lunch, we rolled out of Williamsburg about 3:00pm. We were on a "get there as soon as possible" roll. We took a diagonal back across Virginia to I-81, and stayed on interstates for the rest of the day. We made Martinsburg, W
V that night for 407 miles; then back on the interstate the next morning. We usually try to avoid the interstate, and travel at more reasonable speeds, but we spent most of the day on interstates --- pushing all the way. We ended up making two fuel stops, the second after we got off the interstate at Glens Falls, NY. We made it to Burlington at 8:45 for 552 miles for the day.

That foolishness over, we could drop back into our usual relaxed mode for the rest of the trip. Saturday the 5th we slept in, then helped around the house for a part of the day.

Alan and Valerie took us to Stowe to do some leaf-peeping. We bypassed many of the usual tourist stops and went straight to the Trapp Family complex. The hills were sprinkled with leaves in a variety of colors, with an emphasis on yellows and reds.

It is hard to match this area for bucolic beauty. We were wowing all the way up, and walked around goggle-eyed.

After a delicious meal at a nouvelle cuisine Mexican restaurant we got home well after dark. Valerie poured wine and we sat around and talked until late in the night. A great day in a beautiful place.

Sunday: apparently yesterday was the last of the sun for a few days. Sunday began overcast and eventually turned into rain. After a few jobs, including Alan finding and curing a mysterious water leak in the Roadtrek (it was a plugged drain from the refrigerator) we pretty much hung out for the day. Late in the afternoon, we went out for pizza and a movie (The Butler).  It is a well-done movie. Tomorrow the Old Pair of Jeans will be pretty much on our own in Burlington. Keep tuned.

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